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Rust Box

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Crafting your wedding bouquet is a cherished and personal experience, and with our Rust DIY Wedding Box, you have the freedom to bring your vision to life. Let your imagination guide you as you mix and match the different blooms and foliage to create a bouquet that reflects your unique style and the Rustic theme of your wedding.

What is included:

Handmade x 2 bunches, Starflower x 1 bunchBunny tails x 1 bunch, Licorice flower x 1 bunch, Handmade Daisy x 1 Bunch, Wheat x 1 bunch, Miscanthus grass x 1, Linseed x 1 bunch, Artificial Roses x 3, Eucalyptus x 1 bunch, Spear palm x 1 bunch, Artificial Pampas x 1, Amaranthus x 1 bunch, Florist wire x 1 packet, Florist Tape x 1 Roll

This collection of flowers and materials will help you create enchanting rustic-themed floral arrangements. Here are some ideas on what you can make with the provided flowers and accessories


1. Rustic Handmade Bouquet:
Combine the Handmade flowers, Starflower, Bunny tails, and Handmade Daisies to create a charming and textured bouquet.
Add touches of Licorice flower for a unique visual element.
Incorporate Eucalyptus and Spear palm leaves to enhance the rustic feel.
Use Florist Wire and Florist Tape to secure the stems and create a polished finish.

2. Rustic Centerpiece:
Use Wheat as the focal point, arranging it in a wooden crate or vintage-style container.
Add Miscanthus grass and Linseed to provide height and texture.
Intersperse Bunny tails, Handmade flowers, and Handmade Daisies for pops of color and visual interest.
Incorporate Eucalyptus leaves for a touch of greenery.

3. Handmade Flower Boutonnieres:
Utilize the Handmade flowers to create rustic and everlasting boutonnieres.
Accentuate them with small sprigs of Eucalyptus and Starflowers.
Secure the stems with Florist Wire and wrap them with Florist Tape.

4. Rustic Hanging Decor:
Create rustic-inspired hanging decor using Amaranthus and Artificial Pampas.
Combine them with Linseed and dried grasses for added texture and volume.
Attach the stems to a wooden hoop or driftwood using Florist Wire.

5. Rustic Table Settings:
Incorporate Linseed and Wheat into your table settings by placing them in vintage-style vases or tying them together with twine.
Add Bunny tails and Handmade flowers for a rustic and charming touch.
Use Eucalyptus leaves as table runners or as individual foliage accents.

6. Rustic Corsages:
Create unique corsages using a combination of Handmade flowers, Bunny tails, and small sprigs of Eucalyptus.
Accentuate them with Wheat or Linseed for a rustic flair.
Attach the flowers to a corsage wristband or pin using Florist Wire and Florist Tape.

These suggestions are meant to inspire you, but feel free to mix and match the flowers and materials to suit your personal style and the desired rustic theme of your wedding. Let your creativity shine as you craft unique floral arrangements that bring the warmth and charm of rustic beauty to your special day.